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Civilian house of Tibet and god are resided

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Culture is participating in geographical environment, and constituted the final environment that geographical environment develops. Building art serves as give birth to those who put appearance to reflect, regard some nation as the content of culture and one of features, participating in likewise wear and constituting geographical environment. Become us so one respecting " Tibet " this place, immediately float reveals a group of nature and humanitarian image in brain: River river snow mountain, grass is wild rural, river valley takes one flake one flake village, a two black wigwam between tall cold a rank growth of grass, the greatly small fane on highland of Yu Moli scattereding about like the stars is built group... if somebody asks about me, in Tibetan scene most what is those who make I am touched, I think I can be listed a lot of, but I am more likely conveniently points to, the work of a photography that is Lv Ling Long then: Those who be full of a picture is clump of big hill of red of reddish brown of river bank of billows dark blue, quality of a material is hard, desert, it is only between a hill plait, leisurely of one flake oasis shows however, the faint white below green shade hides a room. Sensational is, forever human life undertakes silently. Of course, live in the people of that village in traverse mountain range, the home that won't think of them walked out of remote mountains with respect to such by camera lens, it is associate with scenery no longer: Won't think of the emotional billows that causes in its people heart in ten million inside and outside more.
Actually such scene is mixed touch need not search painstakingly, drive car is seen in the everywhere on highland. From Lhasa the sheep goes on the west 8 wells, 669 kilometers above is region of farming herd dividing line. One is called by me " final village " small rise village, be located on the hillside that the photograph that lie between a river looks at; That group of Cang Shiping carry a building on the head to show half dew partly in the summer of scallion, completely naked in the cold season of withered appear; No matter wintry summer, all enters poetic suitable for a painting, if the poem is picturesque; The traveler that each at green Tibet highway going there and back raises the eyes the elegant demeanour that sees it; This village ases if to existing as a scenery. Therefrom goes very not far forth again, hide boreal highland namely. And on highland Tibetan north, the village that also does not see green shade sets off one another again. I had not issued the ground a few times to enjoy this frame picture, every start off is cherished expect, and each hope to let me be full of fresh surprise.
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