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The town that Tibet builds

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Tibet is famous ancient town has Lhasa, day criterion of noise made in coughing or vomiting, prosperous, in Jiang Zi, Xia Lu, A, and other places of Sa Jia, poor knot.
The layout means cardinal principle of Tibetan ancient town has two sort model:
One, as a result of politics the regime that teachs syncretic, make town and body of cloister knot syncretic, religious color is rich. Lhasa, prosperous wait for town, for the center with Buddhist classics hall or fane all development rises, lhasa is ancient say " offend Sa " , and " offend Sa " the name that is big clear temple at first. The Christian era 7 centuries, soft support of dynasty of Tibetan regime in ancient China does temple of cloth build big clear, lhasa becomes the political center of the dynasty. The Christian era 17 centuries, 5 worlds amount to Lai Jianli Ga red quite chapter dynasty, rebuild Lhasa, fane of Gongdelin, Zemenlin, Danjielin, Ze Jiaolin appeared all round big clear temple, each are big of fane plunge into storehouse, Kang Cun, the mansion of official of monks and laymen and noble, the market and a house owned by a citizen. Whole town covers an area of 1.3 square kilometer, it is a center with big clear temple, extend to four distribution. Set inside, medium, outside 3 pilgrimage path, and with medium, outside network of transportation of city of pilgrimage path composition. Annual when big, small way is met, can accommodate inside city 2, view of sermon of 30 thousand Lama. Center of the politics of its since Tibet, economy, culture, it is a typical religious city. Xia Lu town is on the combination that press down a temple, it is another kind of processing technique. Xia Lu, one of city of 10 big business of times of Tibetan regime in ancient China of according to legend, be located in day of valley near criterion of noise made in coughing or vomiting, of the town all around, city wall having land around, xia Lu temple is located in a city on the west, 1/3 what occupy whole town area. Sa Jia, Sang Ye, give priority to body with cloister. Make plans of peace of temple of the Sa Canaan with baronial dimensions, north, Zhuo Ma hall of two laws palace, hold two sides of serious music river, boreal temple meandering a few lis, cloister of residential area leech on to. Mulberry Ye temple also is such.
2, with ancestor give priority to body, living area, fane is decorated around Zong Shan building. Zong Zheng government office holds hilltop, hill falls to cluster round for residential area, cloister or the one aspect of the matter that are located in town, or build at half way up the mountain. Like day criterion of noise made in coughing or vomiting, Jiang Zi, end writtens guarantee ancestor, all be typical example.

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