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Zong Shan is built

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Zong Shan is built, tie government of Tibetan an administrative unit in Xizang (quite prefectural government) seat. Ancestor, original idea is " blockhouse " , " mountain fastness " , " fastness " .
Of ancient time ancestor, it is the place where troops are stationed of each big, young chief commonly, arrived 14 centuries, political power of handkerchief wood Zhu Ba built 13 a class place executive authority. Emancipatory eve, tibet sets 147 (the 谿 that includes to be equivalent to a class gets stuck) . Zong Shan is built, include government office of hall of classics hall, Buddha, Zong Zheng, jail, storehouse to wait, build commonly go up in hilltop, hill falls to be residential area.
Zong Shan architectural is the biggest the characteristic is to have complete defense system. Be like relics of ancient square dynasty, be located in riverside elephantine a spring, carry mountain range water on the back, landform strategic place. Building group comprise by place of area of palace area, residential area, cloister, jackknife cities wall inside relics, bright Diao bunker is spread all over, dark line freely, there is secret aqueduct to join between fluctuation, form tight defense system. Jiang Zizong, be located in the Na Duan of river Zi city, hall of hall of Zong Zheng government office, classics, Buddha, city wall, the building such as blockhouse, storehouse is on hill, also the residential area below aqueduct and hill is linked together, make sure the summit uses water. The Christian era 1904, tibetan the army and the people, with bow of firelock earth artillery piece, bolo, by right of Zong Shan landform and defence project set bestow flower aggressor troops to defy 3 days 3 night, show its extremely strong military affairs sense and value.

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